From the moment Tiffany started showing us apartments in New York, we knew she was different. We knew we were in safe hands at all times. The incredible thing about our experience with Tiffany is how diligently she handled the process from the point of time we knew we had found the property we wanted to the final closing. Every detail along the way was anticipated, dealt with, and successfully managed.

Being new to the city this was incredibly important for us and what seemed like a daunting task became a breeze. She pointed us in the right direction and would regularly follow through to make sure we understood the legalese and what was required of us each step of the way. We highly recommend her, especially to those of you that are new to the peculiar characteristics of the NY residential property market.

— Charlie and Karen

My wife and I have known Tiffany for a long time and have used her services both for the purchase and sale of our apartments.

First, we spent almost 6 months working with Tiffany on finding the right new apartment for our family (we have three kids and their school situation warranted us to move). Tiffany was very patient and always showed us apartments which she thought could fit our needs. Rather than spending weekends walking from one open house to the other, she took us only to promising properties and did not waste our time. She had already done the hard work for us and we never felt like she was trying to sell us on a space. Her "eye" and her no-nonsense approach made the journey pleasant and not stressful.

After finding our new apartment, we needed to sell our existing place very fast. Once again Tiffany delivered, and we were able to sell our triplex within six days, almost 18 per cent above the asking price! Shall we say more?

Tiffany is a pleasure to deal with and her professionalism, honesty and business sense make the whole process so much more comfortable.

— Philippe and Celine

My favorite part about working with Tiffany is that I felt that I could be completely honest with her. If I walked into a place and didn't like it, I would look at her and often see that she felt the same. She wasn't trying to sell me on a place, but instead really wanted to find me somewhere that I would be happy.

And she successfully did just that. My husband and I couldn't be happier with our first New York City apartment and we definitely wouldn't have found it without Tiffany.

— Alexis and Blair